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Barnsley Live

Best of Barnsley Live 2022!

A brilliant one day, indoor, multi-venue, charity live music festival in Barnsley featuring a great line-up of local acts as well an increasing number of international artists.

With around 200 local musicians covering over 20 venues across the Town, it was time for Barnsley Live to make its return to summer for the first time in a few years.

With the help of the Soho Music Institute bar in the town center, Best of Barnsley were able to speak to the amazing event organisers, the wonderful team behind Greenworks (the official beneficiaries for this years festival) and of course some of the outstanding local musicians who graced the stages of Barnsley Live 2022 (along with some music special music performances as well)

For more information about Barnsley Live, visit here:

For more details about the amazing work from GreenWorks Barnsley:

Music and chats from: Harriet Rose Band:

Sam Scherdel:

Damian Luke and the Sweet Beast:

Tom Masters:

Stranger Chorus:

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