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Here’s FIVE Barnsley Fish & Chip shops you should give a go pretty soon!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When the world thinks of England, they think good old Fish and Chips. It’s without a doubt the official meal of our nation. As simple as it may look, creating fish and chips that persuade people to keep coming back is an art form. The batter mix, the cut of the chip, the oil, the secret ingredients, the nostalgia. They all play a vital role in deciding which “Chippie” is your favourite.

Let’s not forget, we have some pretty decent chip shops right here in Barnsley! But being good old honest folk comes sometimes the hesitance to try new things. The hesitation maybe to try a new chippy. To allow someone other than your favoured chip-master the honour of frying your weekly treat.

So, to help you outside your comfort zone ever so slightly, here are a few local chippys you might want to give a go if you’re in their area!

Two Gates Fisheries (Shafton)

Based in the heart of Shafton on the cross roads, Two Gates are an award winning chip shop after being voted joint “best chippy in Barnsley”. It’s fresh, homely exterior mixed with their banging Fish and Chips make it a must-visit location for a cheeky chippy tea. If Fish and Chips aren’t your thing, head down on one of their “pie days" - which are produced by local farm Cannon Hall!

Lakis Fish Bar (Cudworth)

What do you get when you combine Fish and Chips with a twist of Mediterranean? The answer is Lakis Fish Bar! Based on the Cudworth high street, Lakis is not just your traditional chip shop, but a wonderful cocktail of British and Greek takeaway classics. You are obviously more than welcome to give their freshly fried Fish and Chips a whirl, but if you fancy something different, how’s about taking on a Gyros, a Kebab, or one of their outstanding chicken salads? (if you’re on a health kick…)

Aqua Fish Bar (Mapplewell)

This is one of them places where it’s not uncommon to see people waiting patiently outside to get a glimpse of their fish supper through the warm glass! Sitting on Blacker Road, and just on the corner of School Street in Mapplewell, this traditional looking chip shop holds within it a nostalgic feel that only a handful of local chippies can provide. The thriving village it calls home, the atmosphere, the humble seating area outside, the place just hits all the key notes! And their Fish and Chips are banging!

The Codfather (The Laithes Shopping Centre)

Who doesn’t love a chip shop with a great name!? But It’s not just it’s name that the place has going for it, this again is a another chip shop where it’s all about ‘good things come to those who wait'. The Codfather is regularly labelled as one of the best in Barnsley due to their outstanding fish supper, meal deals and packed kebabs. Plus, due to the fact it’s based within The Laithes Shopping Centre on the edge of New Lodge and Athersley, it’s the perfect location if you need to grab and few bits and bobs from the shops!

King Street Fisheries (Hoyland)

This local chippie is an absolute staple of the town, providing Hoyland with their fish and chips for decades from their King Street HQ. Their name may have changed and adapted over the years, but the fact the place still stands tall is a testament to their evolving menus and passion behind the fryer. Menu wise, they are supplying a bit of everything! Fish and chips, pies, burgers, kebabs, chicken and a variety of vegetarian options and meal deals are available.

So there we have it! A few chips shops across the town that you may want to indulge in at some point in the future! We know that’s there’s plenty more across the borough, so hhich would you add to the list?


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