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Parkway Cinema: Helping to redefine what a local cinema should be!

In the age of streaming giants and multiplex mega-complexes, it's rare to find a local cinema that not only survives but thrives. The Parkway Cinema in Barnsley is a shining example of why the spirit of community, a passion for film, and innovative thinking can make a local cinema stand tall among global competitors.

Credit: Parkway Cinema Barnsley

The heartbeat of Parkway Cinema is undoubtedly the sense of what it provides to the community. Situated on Eldon Street, one of Yorkshire's most iconic streets, this cinema has become a cherished gathering place for locals for years. The areas history, which is documented beautifully via the BBC Radio 4 documentary 'Ballad of Eldon Street,' has only added to the allure of this cinematic gem.

At the helm of Parkway Cinema is an owner recognised not just as a businessman but as a true lover of film. Rob Younger’s advocacy for cinema as an art form rather than a mere business venture has been a driving force behind its sucesess, which was nationally noted by winning the award for 'UK Cinema Hero' earlier this year. Along with his team, he's curated a place where passion for movies is palpable, from the staff's knowledge of film to the careful selection of titles.

Credit: Parkway Cinema Barnsley

Innovating is a key component of the cinema's success story. Parkway has redefined what a cinema can be by incorporating live music and entertainment into its offerings. This bold move has transformed the cinema into a cultural hub, attracting diverse audiences and providing more than just the latest blockbusters.

Parkway Cinema's selection to host the 70mm version of ‘Oppenheimer’ is testament to its commitment to delivering unique cinematic experiences. Being one of the only cinemas in the country to be given the honour of showing the film in this way, it’s yet another feather in their ever-growing cap.

Credit: Parkway Cinema Barnsley

Everything about Parkway is a nod to why people fell in love with heading to the pictures. The large auditoriums, the comfy chairs, the smile at the door, but it’s the recent instalment of the cinema's new outdoor sign that acts as a true nostalgic thunderbolt to the soul.

It bridges the gap between the past and the present, inviting visitors to step into a world of classic cinema while enjoying the latest releases. It's a symbol of how Parkway Cinema blends yesteryear with innovation.


In an era where people crave transparency and love to see how things are made, Parkway Cinema opens its doors through social media for a look behind the scenes. Through their channels, they provide insight into the world of cinema, from projection rooms to the intricacies of film production. This unique offering creates a deeper connection with the audience, allowing them to appreciate the art of filmmaking on a new level.

Parkway Cinema in Barnsley isn't just a place to watch movies; it's a community, a cultural centre, and a testament to the enduring power of cinema. With its owner's unwavering passion, commitment to innovation, and dedication to providing unique experiences, Parkway Cinema holds its own against global competitors. It's a reminder that even in the age of streaming, the magic of the silver screen can still captivate and inspire.


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