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Authentic Wood Oven Pizza

It’s not just a bar. It’s not just a pizzeria. It’s a barzzeria!

The EVOO story started when Barnsley restaurateur Jaz Boparai (owner of Chilli and Grille) went on holiday with his family to Salerno in Italy.

He fell in love with the taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza…so much so that he hired the chefs so they could create their amazing pizzas right here in Barnsley!

It all starts with the matured flour used to make to ensure a light and fluffy base, which is topped with luscious San Marzano tomatoes that only grow on the volcanic planes near Mount Vesuvius. Our unique cheese (Fior De Latte or Mozzarella Di Bufala) is sourced and delivered from the Campania region weekly. Your pizza is then cooked to perfection in an authentic Wood Fired oven made by the world famous Stefano Ferrara Of Naples.

The result is, quite simply, the finest pizza in Yorkshire.


1 Church St, Barnsley S70 2AB

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 05pm–10pm
Wednesday - 05pm–10pm
Thursday - 05pm–10pm
Friday - 04pm-11pm
Saturday - 12pm–11pm
Sunday - 05pm–10pm

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