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Spiral City

Welcome To Spiral City

Spiral City, no longer just a comic book setting of fiction for the Black Hammer Universe as this unique and charismatic bar enters the scene in Barnsley’s town centre. Situated along the rejuvenated Victorian Arcade this bar/vinyl record shop is home to an ever-changing array of ales and lagers to try from local micro-breweries, keeping the choice of drinks on offer fresh for every visit. Housed over two floors the hand craftmanship of the interior design is somewhat reminiscent of the Spiral City decor found in the co-owner’s world-famous comic books, this paired with glorious artwork from his co-owner and wife throughout the bar makes it an astonishing place to drink and enjoy company. Their mesmerising artwork on show here is soon to be available to purchase from their gallery based upstairs on the premise.

As for Vinyl Underground Records, Barnsley’s very own collectible record shop is located on the ground floor in Spiral City making for an interesting and unique experience as you can enjoy the drinks on offer, chat music with the owner and shop for your favourite record under the same roof. One thing that stands out above the rest is the free and fascinating Rock-Ola Vinyl Record player found upstairs in the venue, showcasing various tracks from decades gone that really add that extra layer of atmosphere and next level to any social gathering here. So, if you’re looking for that next unique experience found amongst the hidden treasure troves within Barnsley, give Spiral City a visit on your next trip to Town.


26-30 The Arcade, Barnsley S70 2QL, UK

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10am–10:30pm
Wednesday - 10am–11:30pm
Thursday - 10am–11:30pm
Friday - 10am–11:30pm
Saturday - 10am–12:30am
Sunday - 12–9pm

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