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A Barbershop has opened in Mapplewell that is built on community spirit!

After giving back to the community through the current cost of living crisis, Barnsley lad Dan Ogden has opened up his own barbershop – and he’s already using his new business venture to support people who need it the most!  

With a cheeky nod to Barnsley’s unique phone code, new barbershop ‘Twenty Two Six’ has been a dream of Dan’s for a while. After retraining to be a barber through a Barnsley College evening class, that dream has now become a reality - but it’s been quite the journey!

Dan tells us he’d “always wanted to be a Barber”, but was worried what his friends would say if he finally opened up about his career aspirations. After his dad passed away a few years ago, he also described his life as “being in the gutter” at one point. With little place to turn, Dan decided to make the leap into his new career via the college, which then led to an apprenticeship and a first job at a local salon shortly after.  

Dan has just opened his first barbershop in Mapplewell

But we think it’s not just his role as a barber that defines Dan. Recently, he’s been giving back to the community when and where he can as the town gets to grip with the cost of living crisis. His most recent charitable endeavour was to provide children and adults with free haircuts during the school holidays; hoping to bring some normality to a pretty dire situation for many.

Even though he clearly knows how to work those scissors, It’s not just his barbering skills that Dan turns into community support. He’s also teamed up with a local café to provide schoolchildren with hot food during the holidays, all to help families who have been finding it tough in 2022.  

“Twenty Two Six” is in reference to our towns unique phone code

After working in Mapplewell for the last year, Dan is now one month is his new barbering adventure! Located on Wentworth Road, ‘Twenty Two Six’ is quickly becoming a local favourite with new customers. As he gets to grips with his new business, Dan is still eager to ensure that local spirit remains at the heart of the company, already supporting various community and sports groups through special deals and offers.  

Despite his relaxed outlook to what he has selflessly provided families of our town, there is no doubt to us that Dan personifies the name of this website. He is the Best of Barnsley.  

You can book a slot at his new shop via the website:


First floor / Unit 7 - Courtyard 3

Wentworth road




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