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A fleet of E-Cargo bikes have landed at some of Barnsley’s most loved museum sites!

A fleet of E-Cargo Bikes have been funded through a £35,000 grant from the Energy Saving Trust and delivered to Worsbrough Mill and Country Park, Cannon Hall, and Elsecar Heritage Centre.

Staff can now use the bikes, which use pedal power backed up with electric motors when the going gets tough, to run a variety of errands around the popular sites.

There are two E-Cargo Bikes at each site. These can be used for a variety of jobs including emptying on-site litter bins, moving large or heavy items around the site, and distributing deliveries to where they are needed. They can also be used for general maintenance and reduce the need to use fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “We all have a part to play in helping Barnsley to be net zero carbon by 2045, protecting our borough for future generations. These new E-Cargo Bikes funded by the Energy Saving Trust are just one of many ways in which we’re reducing our use of fossil fuels and working towards a more sustainable Barnsley.

The bikes are charged using normal electric sockets. The council buys its energy through a renewable energy tariff, so staff can use the bikes knowing they are not generating additional carbon emissions.

Press release takes from the Barnsley Museum website.


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