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Annabel McCourt's 'I'm Sorry' launches at Barnsley Civic

What's in an apology? When was the last time you said sorry... and truly meant it? These questions form the heart of the thought-provoking ‘I'm Sorry’ exhibition by Annabel McCourt which opened on Saturday 23 September at Barnsley Civic.

I’m Sorry presents a series of photographic portraits. In each portrait, a person offers their own private apology to the camera, holding a bespoke ‘I'm Sorry’ neon, written in the artist's handwriting.

The exhibition offers a safe space for people to offer their own private apology if they want to. They can write an apology on a dedicated wall within the exhibition. The inception of this project lies in McCourt's personal experience of not being able to say goodbye to her father before his passing.


Annabel says "I had a profound vision of him contacting me in my sleep, and then I got the call at 4:30 am, I raced to the hospital, but it was too late."

Annabel McCourt is a Grimsby-based artist who works in photography, film, sculpture, and installation. Her work is often influenced by fact, folklore, and legend.

Credit: Instagram/annabelmccourt_artist

“This project has taken me back to my artistic roots, camera in hand, actually going to meet people and looking into their eyes. There’s something utterly captivating about holding the bespoke clear glass ‘I’m Sorry’ - fashioned out of my handwritten apology."

The exhibition launched on Saturday 23 September and runs until Saturday 20 January 2024.


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