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FREE Things to do in Barnsley this February Half-Term!

Barnsley is an endless landscape of activities, all on our very own doorsteps. From fun days out, to connecting with nature Barnsley is the place to be this February half term- it’s coming up sooner than you’d think!

Starting in the very heart of the town, Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre, is a brilliant day out. Not only featuring interacting activities which get you truly stuck in and learning about the heritage and history of our town but also providing us with centuries old artefacts, documents, films and recordings. Giving you a glimpse into what life once was in the town. During half term they even have an event on the 18th of February over at Cannon Hall, where they’re inviting you to create a beautiful bug hotel, making your very own mini bug house to take home with you. This can be found in the North Glass of Cannon Hall, at the far end of the walled garden. Open 10-12 and 1-3, with free drop in’s. How can you say no?

Staying in the centre, Parkway Cinema is open 7 days a week- the cinema offers you perfect value for money and a fabulous greeting by friendly staff. Whether you're booking online or in venue, Parkway keeps you up to date with the latest and most popular blockbuster films. And it wouldn’t be a trip to the cinema without snacks, so Parkway has you covered. You can find them opposite the travel interchange on Eldon Street.

Moving further afield, Wigfield Farm have a variety of animals and displays ready and waiting for you to spend your week off with. Not only that, but they have a café filled with delicious snacks and a gift shop overflowing - all for you! Wigfiled has a variety of activities held throughout the year, so head down because you don’t want to miss a single one of them.

And if fury friends are who you want to spend February with, Cannon Hall Farm is also rearing to go. Their Sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and cows are waiting for your arrival. Spend your morning with the animals, afternoon eating in the restaurants and daytime browsing in their museum- which is free entry by the way!

Everyone needs a place to turn off from the outside world and escape the stresses of life. Dearne Valley Old Moor is the perfect place for you to do just that. The tranquil environment allows you to completely clock out from daily stresses. Walk for as long as you want, have a snack in the café and they even provide activities for the kids. What more could you ask for?

And my final place for you to spend February half term at in Barnsley, is Elsecar Heritage centre. It’s the perfect place to experience and connect with how life used to be. With sweet shops, play areas and breath-taking views on walks, there’s no reason to say no. It’s even located near Elsecar park. You never know, you might catch Barnsley on a good day, and be able to have a picnic!

We hope your week is spent browsing Barnsley, whether you're in town, exploring one of our farms or taking in its history, whatever you're doing, we at Best of Barnsley hope you have a lovely time!


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