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From 2023 sales, to sustainability initiatives - Where’s good to spruce up the wardrobe in Barnsley!

Sales, sales, sales! The whole high street is absolutely flooded with them! From festive Black Friday deals, to Boxing Day giveaways, to New Year sales, you can’t seem to walk around the corner without a ‘up to XX% off’ sign thrown in your face! And with Barnsley's developing shopping scene, our town

is no different.

With the cost of living rising, we are always on the lookout for reasonably priced bargains, and when we think of bargains, Primark automatically springs to mind! It is a leading, international clothing retailer built around everyday family affordability. The Alhambra Store also keep up with all the latest women, men and kids fashion trends, offering you alternatives that aren't going to break the bank.

Credit: The Alhambra Shopping Centre

Another global retailer to add to the list is New Look. Offering “to inspire the new look feeling”, the new Glass Works store is driven by the transformative power of a good outfit. It is and always will be one of the go-to destinations for new trends in our town. Offering a range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing; from dresses, jeans, accessories and shoes, New Look has it all! Plus, you just know that when Christmas is over, the deals are going to come flying in, so get yourselves over to the sales section in early 2023!

Credit: New Look Barnsley

Ever since the development of The Glass Works complex, multiple stores (just like New Look) have been added to help create a trendier shopping experience for the both locals and visitors of the town. TX Maxx are offering you endless great value on brands and products, such as Pull and Bear, Bershka, DKNY and Sanctuary.

Not only are you finding the perfect piece of clothing, but you’re also shopping responsibly as TK Maxx has a zero-waste landfill target. Another thing to add to the list of positives for the Barnsley store. They also have a rewards program that unlock further offers and deals to use in store.

Another store that has made The Glass Works move is Sports Direct, the "home of sporting goods". They operate a diverse selection of sports, fitness, lifestyle fashion and stylish brands which they have incorporated into their company.

Sports Direct is no longer just place to grab your trainers and sports gear, but seem to now be moving more towards everyday wear and accessories including jeans, jackets and handbags! And as we all love a bargain, Sports Direct provide branded products at heavily discounted prices. We think you'll be surprised by the gems you'll find in their new store!

If you're someone who has a keen eye on the future of the planet, this may be up your street! Barnsley seems to have a charity shop around every corner, some independent ones, but also some that lead the way in reusable clothing. The British Heart Foundation store on Market Street continues to offer unrivalled deals on clothes and fashion accessories.

Every penny raised goes towards research for cures and treatments to someday reach a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. You can also find a variety of distinctive furniture, homeware, electronic appliances at their Peel Street store.

So there we have it! A handful of stores that are offering you great fashion deals as we head towards 2023. From market leading retailers, to charity shops looking to make the most of unused clothing. There's plenty go at and no doubt many gems to be found in Barnsley!


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