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Level up your coffee experience, with these top five cafes in Barnsley you need to try next!

We at Best Of Barnsley understand that choosing where to spend your coffee dates, is one of the most important decisions of them all. In fact, it’s so important, that the list of coffee shops within Barnsley is constantly growing, day by day. Whether you’re looking for the finest coffee beans, or a brew made with passion- we have you sorted.

Starting off strong Black and White is one of the newest additions to the Glassworks, providing excellent service and great coffee at a reasonable price- what more could you ask for? Its old Italy interior is the perfect destination for an intimate morning, afternoon, or evening. Not only do they offer the perfect selection of coffees, but they also open as a bar, serving craft ales and fine wines. This café opens every day but Monday, so treat yourself and pop in!

Staying within the Glassworks, 200Degrees coffee serves a selection of teas, coffee, frappes and even smoothies to make sure your days start right. And what would a coffee date be without a little snack to go with it, their wide menu of freshly prepared foods (sweet and savoury) can be made to eat in or take away- plus they have choices of vegan friendly and gluten free. A glance of their reviews immediately emphasises their impeccable service, relaxing décor and delicious foods and drink.

The Glassworks doesn’t stop there, Coffee Boy is the go-to funky and fresh café which produces quality food and drink made from real passion. The extrovert style brings their menu to life, offering the perfect cup of anything your heart could desire. And it gets better, if you download the app and join the club, you can earn 5% off on everything you spend. A coffee and a bargain!

Moving further afield, Old George serves quality food, alongside a broad selection of mouth-watering drinks. As soon as you enter, the good vibe feel is imbedded within the interior, food and service. This is a major hot spot for a relaxed day out, however its more then definitely worth the wait. Frappes, teas, coffees, hot chocolates… the list does not stop there.

Last, but definitely not least, the Aroma Café Bar is a hidden gem in the heart of Barnsley. Located within the Arcades, this classic yet fresh location, serves a variety of foods made with the freshest and finest ingredients. As well as tempting coffee treats, whether you’re looking for coffee and cake or frappes and burgers, this is your go to place. As they’re open 7 days a week, the temptation of this unreal cuisine will be almost impossible to resist.

There you have it, our 5 go-to cafes for your next coffee date- because there is no finer things in life then a good brew, and a tasty treat. Let us know how you find them!

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