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‘MaxiDeals’ opens today in the Alhambra Shopping Centre.

A brand new convenience store is opening in The Alhambra today which hopes to offer customers quality products and great value for money.

Credit: The Alhambra Facebook Page

The store, which is already successfully established in many Midland areas, and are rapidly expanding their number of local stores to broaden the opportunity for customers that “enjoy shopping in the traditional way.”

According to their website, the brand have put plans in place to open another 20 stores by the end of 2022, which each store hoping to be “bright, cheerful and full of bargains for all the family”.

Credit: The Alhambra Facebook Page

MaxiDeals specialise in products within the household, garden, pet, car/diy, seasonal, confectionery sectors; hoping to provide their new Barnsley audience with plenty of bargains as the area begins to tighten its belt this autumn and winter.

The Alhambra store, which opens at 10am today (Thursday 20th of October) is the brands first Barnsley location. You can find details about all their in-store deals here:

Credit: The Alhambra Facebook Page


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