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The Civic to be the only English venue to host exhibition “Warning Graphic Content”

Between the 21st of October until the 14th it January, Barnsley Civic are hosting the touring exhibition 'Warning Graphic Content' from the Modern Institute in Glasgow, and Concept Paris.

The exhibition brings together all of Jeremy Deller's print and poster works from 1993-2021. The Barnsley Civic are the only venue in England where you will be able to see the exhibition.

Jeremy Deller is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists and is best known for his use of political and social themes in his conceptual, video and installation works.

He is the 2004 Turner Prize winner and has represented Britain at the 55th Venice Biennale. His best-known works are politically charged participatory performances and public social activism.

Perhaps the most salient thing you need to know about Deller is that he neither trained or studied to be an artist, it inducts him within a history of so called “self- taught artists: a canon of individuals who arrived at making art via other means or routes.

The exhibition will be situated in the Civics main gallery.

For more information about the exhibition visit the link below


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