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TRY SOMETHING NEW: Fun classes and activities across Barnsley for Adults!

It’s a shame that we stop trying new things as adults when you could easily be the next Michael Flatley, Picasso or Bruce Lee! (OK, we may be slightly exaggerating, but you get the point...) So, if you're looking for new things to do across Barnsley this summer, we've been scouting the borough for fun things you can get involved in.

The CDA Irish Dance Barnsley, as you probably already guessed, is an Irish dance school. They teach pupils as young as four-years-old, but also welcome adults who are either looking to develop their craft or simply itching to get out of the house to try something new. It’s an incredible form of exercise, and it’s also a great way to socialise. The classes are super supportive and the teachers are world champion competitors! Check out their Facebook to find out more.

Northern College is an idyllic place to be if you want to enhance your education. Based within the grounds of Wentworth Castle, It is a crown jewel in Yorkshire and we’re lucky to have it on our doorstep. They run academic courses that help you get back into work, create your own business or get into teaching. They also run some really unique classes such as Forest Skills; Navigation Skills for Walkers; Past times at Wentworth Castle and Starting a Community Group. Check out their website for more information.

The Recovery College in Barnsley run a range of free courses and workshops that promote wellbeing and good health. Their classes vary from painting, creative writing and sewing to courses that can help us manage symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Times are tough and we should be thankful that we have such a gem in our town. Check out their website to find out how to enrol on their courses.

The Kim Frost School of Dance provides the highest standard dance classes for adults whilst also maintaining the fun factor! They run ballet classes for all abilities and also run a class called ‘Dance Yourself Fit’ which is a really enjoyable way to learn dance routines. You can find out more on their website.

Barnsley’s Shotokan Karate Club is the place to be if 'Cobra Kai' inspired your inner Karate Kid. Their club was first formed in 1975 by the current instructor Mick Padgett, and has produced numerous black belts in his time, many of whom are still training today. If you want to find out more then check out their website.

There are few things to get you going! Get across to their social pages and websites for times, dates and prices. If you're running a community group and you need some help promoting it, let us know!


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