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A Date With The Stars - The Glass Works Introduces Cineworld to Barnsley

The doors have opened! Adding to the towns various theatres, The Glass Works have rolled out the red carpet for their new cinema experience.

Don’t be fooled however! From the outside it doesn’t quite look like there would be 13 state of the art screens (including 2D, 3D, IMAX and 4DX) Cineworld have clearly ensured that watching a film in style is a must.

Cineworld are offering you the chance to watch the latest films whenever it suits you, as well as showing theatre and opera. Plus, they’ve got their timing spot on just as the new Avatar sequel is being prepped for release in December - I’d suggest getting the group chats fired up and start organising your tickets quickly!

As soon as you walk in, you are confronted with its modern layout and technology we have come to expect with the cinema chain. The walls are plastered in huge screens advertising the latest blockbusters, with a Starbucks located to the left of the entrance offering all your favourite snacks and refreshments (just a small tip, it’s pumpkin spiced season…)

As you step onto the escalator, the room expands into a staggering, chic lobby. The classic bar stretches across the back wall where you can purchase your popcorn and snacks, which will probably already be eaten before the film even begins!

It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and date nights. With its lavish interior, it feels more then just a cinema! Gone are the times where you forget about the outside world only when the film begins, this Cineworld allows you to experience that as soon as you enter the building.

Your bound to fall in love with its cosmic screens and limitless seating, especially the gigantic IMAX screen.

So get booking your tickets, you don't want to miss it!

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