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Barnsley’s Big Weekend brings the sunshine despite the rain!

Despite the relentless rain and gusty winds, Barnsley's Big Weekend proved to be a triumphant celebration that brought the sunshine of community spirit to the town.

Credit: Barnsley Wind Bands

From the mesmerizing World Music Festival on Friday to the powerful statement of inclusion at Barnsley Pride, and the melodious charm of brass bands, including the momentous 20th anniversary of Barnsley's own Frumptarn Guggenband.

Finally, as if on cue, the sun emerged on Sunday for Barnsley’s free family sports day ensure the weekend was capped of perfectly!

Kicking off the event on Friday, the World Music Festival transported visitors on a musical odyssey around the world. Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, The Glass Works came alive with an array of talented musicians, each representing a unique cultural sound.

With artists hailing from various corners of the globe, the World Music Festival underscored the significance of embracing cultural diversity and fostering an inclusive community that respects and appreciates different traditions. Whilst across Eldon, Frumptarn had brought their European guggenband mates to shake the cobbles of The Victorian Arcade.

Saturday's events commenced with the vibrant and defiant Barnsley Pride parade, where a sea of colorful flags and banners flowed through the rain-soaked streets. Embracing the adverse weather, LGBTQ+ community members and allies showcased their unwavering spirit, with Mandela Garden, The Garrison and Funny Girls playing home to the celebration with a variety of live acts.

As Saturday continued, despite the rainfall, the sounds of local brass bands and European guggenbands flooded the town centre. Their uplifting tunes and jubilant performances no doubt resonated with the visitors, proving that the weather could not dampen the spirit of our town. Crowds huddled under umbrellas, dancing with enthusiasm, and cheering on the musicians with unyielding support.

Among the live music at The Glass Works, a special celebration took place as Barnsley's very own Frumtarn Guggenband marked their 20th anniversary. The band, known for their energetic and infectious performances, delighted the audience with the unveiling of their brand new uniform.

The milestone anniversary added an extra layer of excitement and pride to the event, showcasing the band's longstanding commitment to bringing joy to the community through their music.

As if nature had been waiting for the opportune moment, Sunday finally greeted Barnsley with sunshine, elevating the excitement for the family sports day. Children and adults alike reveled in the warmth, taking part in a medley of sports and activities that fostered a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. The sun-kissed Glass Works became a playground, as families and friends gathered to create cherished memories that would linger long after the weekend's festivities.

Credit: Barnsley Town Centre

Barnsley’s Big Weekend was not merely a series of events but a reflection of the town's indomitable spirit. Despite the unpredictable weather, the community remained steadfast in its determination to come together, celebrate diversity, and support one another.

The weekend's events, including Frumtarn Guggenband's 20th anniversary, were a testament to the town's resilience, proving that nothing can dull the shine of Barnsley's spirit.


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