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Barnsley’s Parkway Cinema SELECTED for special ‘Oppenheimer’ showing!

Barnsley's Parkway cinema have been selected to show Christopher Nolan's new film 'Oppenheimer" on traditional 70mm film, making it the only venue in the north to do so.

Credit: Universal Studios

The independent and family-run cinema managed to secure a rare print of the film after owner and respected cinema engineer Rob Younger was involved in preparing 70mm projectors in central London, ahead of the film’s upcoming UK Premiere.

With only a handful of these traditional 70mm prints available in the world, northern film fans will be able to see Nolan’s latest epic in a quality so high that can’t be matched by digital projectors.

Credit: Parkway Cinema Barnsley

Rob Younger said: “The entire film was actually shot on 70mm film so we’re very excited and proud to be able to show it in its original format right here in Barnsley. This is exactly the same format as it will be screened at the London premiere, using an identical projector”

Rob, who recently won the title of UK Cinema Hero, will personally be hosting each of the screenings where he’ll take questions about 70mm film and give audiences a chance to visit the projection room after the film.

Credit: Experience Barnsley Museum

Ever since 1908, there has been an entertainment venue on Eldon Street, starting with The Empire Palace of Varieties Theatre which was also home to a school of performing sea lions in 1911.

More recently, the local cinema has specialised in showing 35mm and 70mm films, hosting live stage shows, showing event cinema, and mainstream film.

The film is set for UK release on the 21st July. You can grab tickets to the viewing here:


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