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Best Of Barnsley Heads To Comic Con!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Suns out, the venue is set, the costumes are on and fans are queued in the masses as Barnsley’s Comic con once again arrives in town. Stalls on stalls on stalls are lined up inside Barnsley’s Metrodome event centre with something to offer for all the enthusiasts, from prints, signed merchandise from the likes of Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf), Garrick Hagon (Star Wars), Lindsey Greyling (Comic Art Creator) & Peter Davidson (Doctor Who), memorabilia, comic books, collectables and more. We have for you a small overview of the event and what we saw on the day.

The doors opened at 10am for early ticket holders and already the venue filled up, merchandise was being sold, signed photos and artwork from the special guests were flying out and photo opportunities a must with cosplayers and volunteers of the event. You could find an array of comic books old and new and plenty of styled prints up for grabs, perfect for the geeky lair back home or to bring a splash of life and colour to any fan collection. It is truly amazing see so much hand crafted merchandise on sale by so many talented people and youngsters alike.

Two highlights to note were the talent show and cosplay masquerade, where some of the most eccentric and fascinating costumes were on show for the people of the event to see. These costumes are clearly hand crafted with love and care and the attention detail and combinations of characters really makes for some truly unique experiences. As for the talent show its incredible to see how much talent people from across Barnsley have, with singing, dancing, acrobatics and comedy on display for judges to vote and score. A wonderfully entertaining fun filled day for all the family to enjoy.

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