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The now ‘world famous” Cannon Hall Farm returned to our screen last night with a brand new series for Channel 5.

Credit: Cannon Hall Farm

The three-part-series follows historian Ruth Goodman and Cannon Hall legends Rob and Dave Nicholson as they embark to learn not only more about how farming has evolved, but also the invaluable part the industry has played in feeding the world; often during dire situations.

The show titled ‘A Farm Through Time’ is giving viewers a chance to be reunited with their favourite farmers, starting yesterday evening with discovering how farms played a vital part during World War Two.

Credit: Cannon Hall Farm

As we know, Britain faced not only an economic crisis during this time, but a catastrophic food shortage due to German forces sinking and destroying many ships carrying important resources.

Not put off by Germany’s mission of decreasing British morale, our farms became home front hero’s by keeping the Nation powered through it’s darkest hours.

The first episode titled ‘Digging for Victory’ is now available via the Channel 5 on-demand website and app.

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