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  • Writer's pictureLee Barber

Dolly’s Desserts have launched a brand new brownie DIY kit, and they look INCREDIBLE!

Barnsley’s Dolly’s Desserts, who have become a social media sensation, have launched a set of Brownie Bottles which are bound to become another stroke of sweetie genius from the desert connoisseurs!

Based in the Market Kitchen within the Glass Works complex, Dolly’s Desserts is now a Tik-Tok famous desert parlour thanks to the teams irresistible behind-the-scenes videos of their mouthwatering constructions.

Continuing to grow from strength to strength, their website sees a variety of brand new Brownie Bottles hit their online shop. Described as the “perfect treat and activity rolled into one”, Dolly’s have launched three brand new flavours which allows you to create your very own Dollys Desserts Brownies from home!

Which each bottle serving up to 12 brownies, the team have landed upon Biscoff, Beuno and Cookie & Creame to start the ball rolling! Each bottle contains all the ingredients you need to create your own brownies; giving you the opportunity to become a Dolly from your own kitchen!

For more details about each Brownie Bottle, visit their website here:

Since opening, Dolly’s Desserts has become a firm favourite with customers not just within Barnsley, but with a loyal fan base from around the UK all flocking to their Market Kitchen parlour. Look out for more details regarding their new location which we opens up next to the towns Cineworld soon!


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