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  • Lee Barber

We’ve been told that this is the best Cafe in Barnsley - so we paid them a visit!

A few weeks ago we offered out a question asking for the best cafe in the town. Red Shop, just outside the town centre, was mentioned quite a few times, so we decided to pay them a visit!

Situated on Windermere Road just a stone's throw away from Oakwell Stadium, this café is a haven for food lovers seeking bold flavors and inventive menu choices.

Stepping into Red Shop, the first thing you'll notice is the palpable love for Barnsley. From the café's name paying homage to the club to the view of Oakwell Stadium at the end of the street, it's clear that this place is proud of its roots.

But it doesn't stop there – one wall is adorned with handcrafted wallpaper dedicated to the history of our town, adding a touch of local charm to the space.

But let's talk about the real star of the show – the food! Inspired by a guy with experience working in gastro pubs across Barnsley, The Old George café in the Town Centre, and even with Michelin-starred chefs, the menu at Red Shop is nothing short of exceptional.

They don't do your typical lunchtime bacon and egg special. It's all about exciting food combinations that'll make you rethink every sarney you've ever had. Take, for example, their Halloumi, Pineapple, and Sweet Chilli Mayo option. It's sound controversial, but it's an absolute flavour explosion!

Whilst we were chatting with the staff, a whisper came from behind us that encouraged us to “try the homemade Pastrami”. Now, being a company who needs little forcing to try homemade anything, we gave that a go and came to the conclusion that living in this corner cafe was a sandwich genius.

But it's not just lunch that shines at Red Shop – their breakfast menu is equally impressive. Loaded bagels, scrambled eggs with avocado, and indulgent Sweet French Toast await those in need of a morning pick-me-up. We’ve also heard rumours that their Hashbrown Bites are a game-changer.

As they were cooking up our food (Chris e.g ‘The Sandwhich Genius’) asked us if we’d be up for sampling some out their new sausage roll flavours he’d been experimenting with. Black pudding flavoured, plus a BBQ pork flavoured. Rich, moorish, pastry on-point and jam-packed full of filling. We hope they both make the menu!

So whether you're ordering through the Barnsley Eats App or dropping by the shop in person, be sure to give the place a try.

We salute you, Chris The Sandwich Genius.

Menu and Opening Times Here:

Note: Menu is adjusted seasonally


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