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VOTED BY YOU: These are the Top 5 things you LOVE about Barnsley!

Let's talk about what makes our town amazing. This week we asked you to name us what you think is the best thing about Barnsley, and here the Top 5 responses!

5. Loads to Do

Seriously, there's always something going on these days. Whether you're up for old-school gaming at Retrodome or having a boogie at Soul Lounge, Barnsley's got you covered. Plus, with plenty of pubs, eateries and local events, it's the perfect spot for family outings or a catch-up with the mates. Even bloody Tom Walker turned up the other week for some free gigs!

4. Our Markets

Our historic markets are still buzzing with atmosphere! From fresh produce to crafty creatives, they are always worth a nosey around. And let's not forget the characters you meet along the way - they're what make them truly special.

3. Barnsley FC

Yeah, we know we're not in FA Cup final every year or challenging for Europe, but they're ours, and we follow them through thick and thin (Keep in mind that these responses came shortly after the away win to Carlisle. Confidence was up)

2. Our Accent

You know the one - whenever you say you're from Barnsley, you get that classic "Baaaarrnsley" response. Not many towns and cities can claim to have that impression on people across the UK and the world. It's warm. Inviting. It's homely.

1. The People

Hands down, the best thing about Barnsley according to you, is actually, YOU. We're up for a laugh, but extremely resilient. In some ways, nothing really matters outside of Barnsley. It's our own little world. The greatest setction, of the greatest county on earth (well, at least that's what we all think...)

Special mentions to others faves like Dolly’s Desserts and The Baked Potato Company, plus that brand new bridge (yeah, we see you, sarcasm). Oh, and Andrew Scarfe, who confidently commented "me". Fair play, Andrew, Fair play.


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