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An expanding Barnsley-based business is quickly becoming a customer favourite!

Barnsley's Cares Laboratory, creators of ‘Vamoosh®’ and ‘Boss It™,’ has just expanded to a larger premises within the area. The local business, awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation in 2022, has grown so rapidly they have upgraded to a larger space in Dodworth Business Park.

Cares Laboratory creates laundry and cleaning products that solve everyday problems. Their Vamoosh® Pet Hair Dissolver, launched in 2017, is their best seller and available in range of stores you all know and love like B&M, Pets at Home, Asda, and The Range. Their product line includes a 6-in-1 Washing Machine Cleaner using their patented ‘Hair Dissolving Technology’ and a Dishwasher Cleaner which uses less plastic compared to leading brands.

They launched the Boss It™ Rapid-Dryer Ball in October 2023, which uses ‘HeatBounce’ Technology to speed up tumble drying cycles and reduce energy costs by up to 40%. You can’t go wrong with savings on the energy bill and a product with an ecofriendly approach in its design and function.

Dave Toms, Director and Co-founder, commented on the expansion saying “The growth we’ve experienced in recent years has been phenomenal. Our new space at Dodworth Business Park offers the flexibility needed to support our growth and expand our export”.

Toms added, “We’re excited about the move and the future it brings. We’re proud to be a local Barnsley business and look forward to continuing our journey here.” Despite their continuous growth, Cares Laboratory remain committed to staying local in Barnsley.

So, if you’re ever in Dodworth, keep an eye out for Cares Laboratory’s new premises – this local business is a world leader in Pet Hair Dissolving products and they're here to stay in Barnsley!

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