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The Salt House in town are giving you 50% off your bill in January - Find out how here!

We know, we know, you’ve only just entered December! But, there’s a very good reason why you NEED to know this now!

The fine people over at The Salt House are ensuring that those January blues don’t take over too much once the Christmas celebrations have died down by offering you an incredible January deal - and this is how you can make sure you don't miss out...

If you’re eating at the restaurant this month, all you need to do is keep hold of your receipt! Once stored away in a super safe place, that very receipt will then act as a voucher for a whopping 50% off your final bill during one visit to the The Glass Works restaurant in January 2023. I'm sure you would agree, that's a cracking offer!

The Salt House, which opened earlier this year, has become a town centre favourite with their evolving menu, huge drinks selection and live music. You can find more about what's happen at The Salt House via their socials!

Note: Receipt of bill used this month must include food. The offer excludes bills that include steak or scallops.

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