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A Small Café With That Homey Feeling.

The cracked teapot.

This small café in situated town on Eldon Street brings family together and feels just like home. As soon as you step through the doors you can feel the warmth and kindness filling the atmosphere within the 4 walls of the dining area. Everything about this café is truly unique and it’s a must stop for anyone after lunch in town on their next visit.

The cracked teapot has been opened since September 2022 and is already expanding its menu and opening hours. They now have a cocktail, dinner and Sunday lunch menu on offer for guests to try. Not fancying breakfast? Pop for dinner. The head chef and kitchen staff, who work hard behind the scenes, are very experienced and are the creative minds behind the immaculate food, the head chef has also won awards with his cooking and has worked all over the UK, most definitely deserving of compliments for his dishes.

This little café has much to offer and at fantastic prices for tastiness too. The café has some new hot chocolate flavours one of which is their Lotus Biscoff which was a personal favourite. They also have tasty cocktails to accompany your evening meal, these cocktails are all served with a fruit associated with the cocktails and some sugar glazing around the edge of the cocktail glass for detail and sweet kicks.

Starting with breakfast the café has the classic all day breakfast for £10 and you get your money worth for sure and if you don’t eat meat that’s no big deal, they also have a vegan all day breakfast for just the same price with the same number of items! Alongside this they have the classic, eggs and Benedict, florentine, or Arlington. This comes with a toasted muffin, smoked ham, spinach, smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, sparing no expense on the flavour. Fancy something sweet did you say? Me too but don’t worry just order the stack of pancakes or Belgian waffles, and you can choose what comes with the stacks, either bacon and maple syrup or whipped cream and berry compote.

The dinner menu kicks in from 12pm, and they have some tasty new things for you to try. Starting with the bacon cheeseburger, it is to die for, this burger comes with 2 beef patties layered with real mature cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and juicy bacon. The patties are good medium rare, and the cheese is melted just enough to ooze out the side. Back hitting up the classics they have the steak pie, coming with the right amount of mash and mushy peas too, no such thing as too much of the good stuff. I say the “right amount” because when you taste this pie it’s all you are going to want to fill up on and the side orders can wait their turn. The pastry was golden and crispy and the steak inside was nice and tender. Lastly, they have a fish and rice combination dish, you’re probably thinking that this isn’t a good combination, but it really is, the fish is cooked to melt in your mouth and it is drizzled in sauce to combine with the rice.

Just reading about these amazing meals does not do the justice to how they actually taste. Next time you nip into town for something, be make sure to head into the cracked teapot either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The new menu is definitely worth the money and deserves the hype. They Launched Sunday the 26th with their lunch menu so keep an eye out for them sharing the meals and prices online!


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