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Barnsley Eats - The new way to takeaway in the town?

Local takeaways have once again took the nation by storm in 2022 with their no-nonsense fast food, exclusive deals and bespoke delivery options.

After celebrating their first birthday last year, Barnsley Eats is not shying away from this ever growing movement. Back in 2021, they believed we as a town deserved its own food ordering app, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since their launch!

With the cost of living crisis, the price of our comfort food takeaways have also heightened due to delivery costs and minimum order limits. However, Barnsley Eats believes it doesn’t have to be like this!

The local app aims to not only give back to our communities, but restaurants that use operate via their service can offer discounts of up to 45% off your takeaways. What more can you ask for really? Well, there’s more!

The company also runs regular competitions that allow you the chance to win big when dining out! Some of their prevous compeitions include “Free pizza for a year”, “Win a £100 voucher to spend at The Salt House” and “£50 takeaway vouchers”. So, is this the new way to takeaway?

The heart of the company centres on Barnsley as a community and watching it thrive is a major aim for them. Giving back by contributing, sponsoring and donating to charities and local sports teams in the area is on the agenda for both Barnsley Eats and the eateries they support across the town.

As a community service, they feel strongly that the money should stay in the local economy to improve investment into Barnsley. Ever since the idea of a cheeky fast food treat landed in the UK, the business of local takeaways have been on the up. Sister apps such as “Barrow Eats” receive over 5200 orders each week, with the numbers continuing to grow.

By them receiving more orders, their business model suggests that this then equals having the ability to support local organisations and charities through sponsorships and donations.

Did we mention it’s completely risk free as well? Providing you with the same technology as any other takeaway app, (only with faster machines according to their team) meaning they can receive your orders as soon as you hit “order complete”.

Find them on twitter, Facebook and Instagram under the name ‘BarnsleyEats’ and online at ‘’. Start your journey today, with the very best your local food scene has to offer you!

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