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There are some new menu additions coming to the Market Kitchen in town!

Housing a variety of food and drink offerings, Market Kitchen in the heart of Barnsley town centre has become a firm favourite amongst both locals and visitors to the area since their opening.

To firm that up, two of their food venders have added a couple of exciting additions to there already mouthwatering menus!

Nero Pizza -

To enhance their dinner menu, the pizza experts at Market Kitchen are introducing brand new lunch bagels that bring together the best, fresh Italian meats, sour cream and homemade coleslaw. Stick some of the best fries in the town on the side, and you’ve got a real winner!

Jar Bar -

As if Jar Bar weren’t knocking it out of the park already with their outrageous gyros, their now bringing to their menu homemade sausage, golden fries, pickled salad and stuffed peppers; all served with a warm, toasted pita! They are even throwing in some of their signature ‘JB19’ sauce just for good measure!

Market kitchen is open 7 days a week, with more details about their venders here:


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